The mission of Madeline’s Party LLC is to provide families the
opportunity to create their own holiday experience; whether they are giving or receiving.
It takes a lot to make Madeline’s Party the success that it is. We would like to acknowledge the generous contributions made by the following sponsors.

Madeline’s Party Would like to send a special “Thank You” to the following Committee Members & Donors & Volunteers:

Matt Wood
Connie Fox
Sarah Stolz
Mike Cooper
Joanne Hatch
Lynda Gorski
Rob McCorkle
Jane Bennett
Kaity Johnson
Matthew Nelson
Garrett Lindberg
Lisa Guardalabene
Jay & Connie Ihrke
Trisha & Ken Nelson
Joan & Don Lambert
Dave & Susan Sturges
Bob Riehl & Jan Rene’
Randy & Tammy Layton
Dave & Martha Richards
Frank Evans & Janet Johnson
Stacy Pitton & Shannon Connor
Bjorn & Zoe Ansbro
Cari Ansbro
Marcy Kady
Kevin Egan